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Made in the USA


The Hunter's Smart Seat®

The Hunter’s Smart Seat® is the most versatile hunting seat ever developed. Its unique design allows you to position yourself at just the right height to blend in, yet see clearly over the underbrush. This revolutionary seat was developed by a master whitetail hunter to be the very best for still-hunting.

PEOPLE ARE TALKING about The Hunter's Smart Seat®

"I bought the smart seat about three years ago. Everyday hunting and using the smart seat I smile more.
It is without a doubt the best hunting accessory I have ever used. I can set it up so that I am more comfortable in the woods than in my living room. Simply awesome."  Steve, VT

Alberta Black Bears. 
Ground Level. 
Need we say more?  

Enjoy this full-length episode featuring the Hunter's Smart Seat®, Courtesy of The Outfitter TV Series

Moose Hunt

This young hunter brought the Hunter's Smart Seat® with him on his moose hunt. He was seated comfortably, while his guide and cameraman had to stand to see over the underbrush!  Watch as early morning action unfolds in this heartfelt episode, featuring hunters with the Hunt of A Lifetime Organization.

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